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Learn more about the tools our marketing strategists will use to help you reach Harvard students.


campus distribution

We can make sure that your physical media reaches every corner of campus. Our postering and door-to-door flyer distribution services make it possible to get your message out to every single student at Harvard. We can put up your posters around campus buildings and dorms, and leave your flyers or giveaways at every single dorm room door in Harvard's 30 residential buildings, housing over 6,000 students. Our reach even expands to distributions at MIT!


Work with us to plan an on-campus event that highlights your brand and attracts your target audience. From media screenings to sample giveaways to pop-up shops or events of your own imagination, anything and everything is within reach. We will consult you through every step of the process to pull off an impactful event on campus. 

Don't know what an event for your brand could be? Our process begins with an evaluation of your company's goals which are used to construct a unique event to showcase your brand. We have partnered with a variety of companies across industries to make a lasting mark on campus, and are ready to do the same for you. 

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Print advertising

Get your name in some of the most widely read publications on campus by advertising in one of our annual guides. From our witty Unofficial Guide to Harvard to a serious planning guide for Navigating Summer Opportunities, our publications are distributed to all students on campus. Advertising in our print publications is one of the best way to get large, targeted, and impactful reach on campus. 

We produce two annual publications for distribution on Harvard's campus. The Unofficial Guide to Harvard, out to every first year student when they arrive on campus. Advertising in this publication is a great way to reach students in their first year of college, who have a full four years of college ahead of them in which to use your product?

We work with Harvard's Office of Career Services to write and distribute the Navigating Summer Opportunities booklet that guides students through the process of choosing a summer 

Usability Testing

Make sure your digital products are making the right impressions with our usability testing services. In partnership with the Harvard User Research Center, we are able to offer professional usability testing at a fraction of the cost. Usability testing is the only way to ensure users are able to use your digital products.